What is Neurobalance?

We provide personalized QEEG Brain Mapping to create a detailed map of your brain activity . We use that information to create a neurofeedback plan specific to your needs.
Neurofeedback training/treatment is simply brainwave biofeedback. With neurofeedback training, you can learn to improve and strengthen your brainwave patterns to the more dominant faster brainwaves essential for focus, organization, follow through, and basic learning functions.

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How does neurobalance work?

At the beginning of your treatment process, we will first conduct a QEEG, which records brainwave patterns from all over your head to detect if any regions are malfunctioning. Next, we’ll place 1 - 4 electrodes (sensors) on your scalp over the abnormal area and record your brainwaves, displaying them on a computer screen in the form of a game or movie.

Normally, we cannot accurately influence our brainwave patterns because they are beyond our level of awareness. But when you see your brainwaves on a computer screen in front of you, almost instantaneously as they occur, you will be able to influence them in a positive direction.

For example, one of our neurofeedback treatments converts your brainwaves into a computer game of a car driving down the highway. The moment you cause your brainwaves to shift to a faster, healthier frequency, the car begins to speed up on the computer screen and an auditory tone goes off. The auditory tone is triggered every half second you sustain this improved “response”.

meet the team

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Kathryn Beaman

Dr. Beaman is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has practiced as a licensed psychologist for 20 years. Her development of Neurobalance came from a desire to offer treatment to conditions that do not always respond to typical interventions. She also strives to make a more accurate diagnosis using the QEEG to improve the efficacy of treatment. She is a proud mom of 3 boys and definitely bleeds orange.

Lead Technician

Michael Beaman

Michael Beaman served as an active-duty helicopter crewman in the US Navy for six years and was deployed to the Middle East multiple times. He then went to Oklahoma State University to receive his formal education using his GI bill. After completing his schooling and training for neurotherapy, he joined his mother in her private practice as a neuro technician. They soon decided to open their own neurotherapy business and he is their lead electroencephalograph technician.